Retroville Guitars

Retroville Guitars was formed out of the lifelong quest for the perfect tone. We’re musicians ourselves and appreciate that trawling the forums, listening to sound samples or YouTube clips on your headphones is of no guarantee that your purchase is going to cut it when you try it.

How Do You Describe The Sound In Your Head?

That’s why we offer out unique guarantee: buy our pickups, fit them, go out and play with your band or in your studio or bedroom and if you’re not 100% happy with the tone, return them for your money back. (Terms & conditions apply).

Managing Director Steve Baker, resident of  Cornwall, UK has been playing guitar since 1982 sometimes on a pro / semi-pro basis. Steve is a Ministry of Defence trained electrical engineer so know about circuits and soldering, but has always been fascinated with guitars and tube valve amplifiers which we suspect was growing up being obsessed with the sound the 50s & 60s greats used to make.

Unfortunately, growing up in the 80’s was an era of solid state amplifiers and digital effects processors, but the sound that Steve was always looking to achieve was from decades before. Luckily, during the ‘80s. guitars and amps from the 60s were readily and cheaply available. Roll forward 30 years, with the soaring retro market and the manufacturers offering artificially relic’d guitars at inflated prices, achieving the retro tones from the 50s & 60s can be tricky. This is why Retroville Guitars was formed – to help you find your perfect retro guitar tone.

Retroville Guitars is the trading name of Crescent Digital Ltd.
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Plymouth, Devon, UK, PL1 2AN

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