Guitar Builders We Love

We’re musicians ourselves and when we’re not working or playing, spend half our time looking at guitars. There’s some great guitar builder out there and we’ve listed some of our favourites below:

Thunderboard Guitars

Guitars made from skateboard decks – how cool is that. We’re surfers down here in Cornwall, but dig the skateboard vibe. Made in the UK

Check them out here

Kauer Guitars

Kauer guitars, based in California make the uber cool Firebirds, used by Scott Holiday of the Rival Sons which are some of the meanest sounding guitars we’ve heard.

Meloduende Guitars 

Awesome French guitars. We love the aluminium retro-space-age vibe of their take on classic shapes

Junksville Guitars

Inspired by the traditional cigar box guitars that date back to the 1800’s, all parts are recycled, reclaimed, scavenged and scrounged so as well as being completely bespoke they are also eco friendly. Made in the UK.


The are the most awesome relic’d classic guitars we’ve seen. Made in Amsterdam.

Kit’s Guitars

Only a stones throw from us in Cornwall, England: luthier and bespoke builder of custom guitars and amps from customer specification.