Owned this nice little amp from 2006 until 2010. Great little amp and much under-rated and rare as hens teeth here in the UK – I had to search high and low for it. Always a talking point at gigs, eagle eyed guitarists would always come up and ask about it.

50W, twin channel class A/B tube amp, with effects loop and reverb. The Reverberocket is a 1990’s resissue of the 60s Ampegs, complete with with dark blue diamond tolex and chrome control panel. Real striking looking amp, and again unusual. Blue jewel power lamp.

Footswitchable channel select and reverb, and didn’t care too much for the drive channel, prefering instead to drive the input using my Ibanez Tube Screamer. Real nice amp, like a Fender, bit a touch warmer, and was nice but the standard Ampeg speakers were a bit too clean for me. Once replaced with Vintage Celestions, it transformed the tone into a rocking tone monster. Majority of the time, I used to play my Clapton strat through a tube screamer and would get a real thick blues tone – perfect for typical strat playing with a 3 piece. Volume wise, was just about right to drive the output tubes without deafening anybody, and was loud enough to use as backline at pubs & bars, however did need miking up at larger venues.

Reverb was really nice. Different if you’ve used Fenders most of your life, the difference being that you can used the Reverb at higher level of mix whereas Fenders start sounding swamped with more than 3-4 on the Reverb dial.

Reliability wise, this amp never broke down on me during the 4 years of ownership, playing typically twice a week at band volume.

However, after selling it, the buyer contacted me to say the output transformer had blown, but I think he was driving it pretty hard through an attenuator.

Would I buy another one?

No, I would get the 100w version instead.

Known as the Ampeg Super Rocket, comes with 4 x 6L6 power tubes, 2 x Celestion Vintage speakers, plus the built in tremolo. Bit too loud for playing at home, but perfect for most gigs. I played one a long time ago, and in my opinion gives the modern twin reverbs a good run for their money, and often fetching much less money on the secondhand market.

For Specifications and Manuals, please visit Ampegs website here.