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In a world where no-one believes what companies say about themselves, Retroville Guitars continues to grow and thrive due to referrals and recommendations. We treat our customers in a way that we hope they love what we do and go on to become our ambassadors and fans and we’ve listed some of our favourites below:

Email Received 7/11/17 (ref T-Armonds)

Hi Steve

Thanks for your response. I’ve now played the Duo Jet live with the band and took a rough FOH recording. The result…awesome. Great sound that cuts through the mix. For a single coil, it is not thin sounding at all, in fact I backed off the ‘cut’ control on my Vox AC-30 to allow more top end through. Very responsive to pick attack and is chimey, which I like, but has a lovely growl when pushed.

Very pleased indeed.

Email Received 7/11/17

Subject: Thanks

Message Body:
High Steve
Just popping buy to say thanks mate, great service .
Will be shopping with you again in the future ( Always have some project on the go ) .
A real pleasure Steve
Take care


Email received 24/9/17


We got the pickup and it is fantastic … I thought your service was excellent.


Email received 19/9/17

Hi there Steve

The pickups are great! absolutely love the sound and prefer them over the classics in the Gretsch. Still got that vintage twang but just sound a bit more beefy-in ya face-more punch, if that description makes any sense ! Have recommended them to mates and also pasted on you site details to them.

All the best

Email received 18/8/17

Hi Steve,

Many thanks for your help and advice with my guitar build, I have finished the project now and am so pleased with it, the pickups sound amazing, have attached a few photos.



Email received 5/7/17

Thanks Steve

It sounds AMAZING….honestly it’s in a different league now.

Thanks again,

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