TV Jones T-Armond Pickups

Players have long-sought an option for the DeArmond/T-Armond without modification. TV Jones now provides the only real solution with the T-Series™. Following years of development, the all new T-Series™ features one of our most popular pickups in a revolutionary housing.

For those of you who have always wanted that twangy DeArmond/T-Armond (Dynasonic) tone in a Fender-style, Gibson-style, or Filter’tron-equipped Gretsch guitar, TV Jones Inc. is proud to offer our T-Series – it’s T-Armond™ in a Filter’tron housing.

We offer an exclusive like it or return it money back guarantee on TV Jones pickups. We’re musicians ourselves and appreciate that trawling the forums, listening to sound samples or YouTube clips on your headphones is of no guarantee that your purchase is going to cut it when you try it.