The TV Jones Universal Mount system allows the pickup to be screwed direct to the body using woodscrews or to be mounted to a pickup ring using the supplied clips. Additionally. for newer Gretsch Eletromatic guitars, the Dual Screw Mount Adapter (purchased separately) allows you to mount the pickups into the original Electromatic pickup rings.



Q: What mount do i need to fit a TV Jones in my new Gretsch Electromatic? It has blacktop filter’trons. Any other things i need to get for a clean swap out?

Many of the newer Gretsch Electromatic series now have blacktop filter’trons. You can easily swap them out for a pair of TV Jones. You will need to order the pickups in the Universal Mount along with a Dual Screw Mount Adapter, if your pickup ring has two adjustment screws on the bass side of the pickup. The pickups will suspend from the stock ring. No modification is necessary.

Please refer to this post for details