The TV Jones Universal Mount™ means no need to choose between the No Ears Mount or the English Mount. This new mount does both with one easy mounting option and comes complete with 2 wood screws, compression rubber, 2 humbucker screws with springs and clips.

To Fit TV Jones Universal Mount™ Pickups in a Gretsch 5120 / 5122, you’ll also need:

  • 1 x Set of 3 Ring Risers with Screws – these ring risers are necessary if installing on a Gretsch 5120/5122. Three ring risers are needed due to the higher neck angle of the guitar – two for the bridge position and one for the neck position.
  • Gretsch-style Ring with screws for each pickup – you can modify original rings but these Gretsch pickup surrounds are modified for use with TV Jones Universal Mount pickups. These rings fit the Filter’Tron footprint of the Universal Mount. The pickup ring mounts directly to the guitar and the pickup suspends from the ring.

We’d also recommend a Tube Kit for Tone Pot Harness unless your luthier / tech has appropriate tools for modifying hollowbody guitars as Gretschs are particularly difficult to re-wire.