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Split Shaft Pre-Wired Treble Bleed 500K CTS Pot for Gretsch & Fender


Available on back-order

Upgrade your electronics with the pre-wired, all American made, wiring components for Gretsch guitars.

Available on back-order

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Upgrade your wiring harness with a TV Jones handmade Pre-Wired Treble Bleed. Used to retain high frequencies when volume is lowered and best used on the master volume of Gretsch guitars. Sold individually.

Pot Replacement: Split shaft for press fit knobs (like Gibson and Strat-style guitars) and Gretsch Electromatics (and most metric knobs). This is a significant upgrade over the stock OEM master volume pots supplied with Electromatic guitars.

Solid and split shaft options available. (Solid shaft for vintage or Fender-era Gretsch guitars and knobs with set screws e.g. Tele-style knobs.)

CTS are the standard for high quality and American-made instruments since the beginning. We find that CTS potentiometers provide a more accurate and refined response than you’ll find with others. Each CTS pot includes a flat washer, lock washer, and a hex mounting nut for custom height adjustment on a pick guard or control plate.

1 order comes with:
– 500k American CTS split shaft pot
– .001uF Orange Drop Capacitor
– 150K Resistor

Please note: OEM metric pots as used on Korean Gretsches have a slightly smaller shaft diameter. If you are replacing metric pots, you may need to open the holes with a reamer or a small sanding drum. Lastly, most metric split shaft pots come with 18 knurled splines – American CTS pots come with 24 knurled splines.

Customer Questions:

What pot values work best with TV Jones pickups?2017-07-04T18:40:42+00:00

We recommend using CTS manufactured 500k pots with most TV Jones pickups. The only exception is for our Starwood Series Strat and Tele pickups where we’d recommend 250k pots.

Is there a difference in the pickup or how it is mounted for a left-handed guitar?2017-04-26T10:52:49+00:00

The only difference is that we will reverse the pole screw radius for a left-handed pickup. Otherwise the are constructed and mounted the same. If you need your pickups made left-handed, please leave us a note in the special instructions.

Would a brand new (2014) Professional Gretsch need a new wiring harness to get the most out of your Supertron/Classic pickups or would the stock one be ok?2017-04-26T09:57:24+00:00

Your stock harness will work just fine. All Professional Gretsch guitars produced from 2004 to current would already have the same CTS pots and Switchcraft switches we use on our pre-made harnesses.

Can I order this harness in left handed?2017-04-26T09:57:04+00:00

You can order this left handed. You’ll need to make a note in the Special Instructions when you place your order.

Hi Tv Jones, maybe a dumb question: is it possible to install a tone pot wiring harness on my ’96 Gretsch Duo Jet (Filtertrons)? Or does it only work with “real” hollow body guitars?2017-04-26T09:56:41+00:00

hey are meant to be used in hollow body guitars but that doesn’t mean you can’t install a new wiring harness. You would need to remove some pieces to feed the wires through the cavities then re-solder them.

I have a Gretsch 5120 bought new in 2011. 1. is it necessary to install new pots and switches? 2. are both neck and bridge pickups needed? 3. what do you recommend and why. I really like the sound of the Super’Trons. I put a melita bridge and cutout G tailpiece on it.2017-04-26T09:56:07+00:00

It is not necessary to replace the wiring in a G5120, but you will get about 10% more clarity from a new wiring harness. You can replace one or both of the pickups. They have about the same volume output as the stock pickups.

You’ll need the Tone Pot wiring harness with split-shaft pots and a standard long switch. You may also want to purchase a new switch tip as well. The stock switch tip is metric and will not thread onto the new switch. The Tone Pot Tube Kit is very helpful with the installation.

Hi, is it ok to work with P90 pickups?2017-04-26T09:55:48+00:00

The Wiring Harnesses will work with T90 pickups.

Can the tone switch be changed to a tone pot, and can I buy it that way? Can I buy the pickups pre soldered to the harness with the tone pot change? Thanks2017-04-26T09:55:13+00:00

You can request that the pickups be soldered to the harness. It will be an additional $5 per pickup.

Does the Tone pot wiring harness fit in a gretsch G5120 without having to drill bigger holes in the tone/volume/switch & jack? Also are the pots 500k & cap .022?2017-04-26T09:54:40+00:00

Hi Marco,

Tom uses a reamer to slightly open the holes. Here is a link to a video on the blog:


We use 500k CTS pots, Switchcraft switches, .022 orange drop capacitor and Belden wire.


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