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TV Jones Starwood Tele Pickups – Matched Set in NICKEL


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Telecaster Pickup with TV Jones T-Armond Flair

The NEW TV Jones Starwood Series harnesses the tone and soul of TV Jones into a traditional sized pickup – no modifications necessary.

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The Tele bridge pickup angrily grumbles while the neck is bold and harmonic. The stock size allows for a direct drop-in replacement to any traditional Tele pickup currently installed on your guitar. Since its release in early 2016, the Starwood Series Tele Set has become our second best seller with 5 star reviews!

Bridge: Thicker more aggressive tone. Balances extremely well with the neck pickup.
DC Resistance: 11.7K | Inductance: 4.05H

Neck: Big single-coil tone in a small size, fills the room with harmonics.
DC Resistance: 7.6K | Inductance:2.45H

Explosive harmonic overtones, supported by a thicker overall bottom end

Likeness/Derived from:
Tele® meets T-Armond™

Matched Set in Nickel

​250k pots recommended


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