A Cabronita is a modified Telecaster conceived by Mike Eldred and originally built by Fender and its Custom Shop. The term ‘Cabronita’ in Spanish translates to ‘little bastard’.

Cabronitas are typically stripped down to having a single Gretsch Filtertron style TV Jones TV Classic humbucking pick up in its bridge position, no tone control and no pickup switch. Volume control only.

Several non custom shop models have since spawned including 2 pickup Mexican models and a ‘Borracha’ using an upside down offset Jazz body.

Predictably, many custom guitar builders as well as enthusiasts also build Cabronitas. For this author, ‘the Cab’ with a single pickup, tone & volume pot is the go to guitar for slide and dirty blues.

If you are thinking of building a cabronita, we can advise & supply necessary parts as well lend routing templates.